Pre- Low carbing..

Notice: In no way do I believe I am a low carb ‘specialist’ or even a dietician. People will have other ways/ methods on this particular diet I did and that’s okay, however this is how I went about it. Let’s all be kind to each other because in the end we all have the same goal. I will explain and show what worked for me, as I have been asked how I managed to lose weight. Many of the recipes I will be sharing are known in the low carb community and shared around but not all have come across them as a beginner.

I know you want me to dive straight into the meal plans but best place to start in a story is the start. My weight loss ambition was due to not wanting the fear of stepping on them scales and branding myself a number and having that number constantly in my head all the time. So I decided to go straight for it I had nothing to lose..

Anyway before I found low carbing, I was overweight and complaining about being fat but not getting up and doing shit about it. I had chosen an unhealthy lifestyle choice and that was only my fault. I was eating take away every other day, eating processed boxed/microwaveable food with not a green in sight. On top of that I wasn’t going outside, not even for short walks. Just sitting in and playing games. I can see now looking back exactly how I got that big and mentally telling myself off never to fall back into that same routine.

It’s not that hard, I’m not telling people “go gym now! Sweat it out! Work it!” because honestly most people haven’t got time for this, but just popping out to the shop down the road is a workout for some and better than none at all.