Why no low fat!? And what is Low carb?

Mistake I made was going low fat/low calorie. Buying items with that written on top and shoving it in my trolley not thinking anything bad of it. I actually discovered this made me gain weight! Turns out to replace what they took to make it low fat, they added a whole load of other shit into it. Which ends up being worse! For example did you know full fat mayo is much better for you then ‘light’ mayo. The key to this always check the back labels! After that I ended up chucking the rest of the low fat stuff and turned to something else. The Low carb diet I am on is much like Atkins but not following their strict rules to an exact extent or having to buy their food (although I do enjoy an Atkins bar as a treat then and again).

Low carb basically means low or even no carbohydrates, which can be found in many foods like; bread, potatoes, cake, biscuits etc. Carbohydrates includes the sugars in products. You won’t need to become an expert at reading labels, but you need to check before you buy because food companies are sneaky. Some believe if a product is gluten free (without wheat etc) it must be low carb. Don’t be fooled, some can be but others are replaced with other high carb content. You will need to find the food label which is most commonly on the back of the product and look at the carbohydrate content and of which of these carbohydrates are sugars. These values are not separate which can confuse people and keep in mind how many grams per carbs (sugars).


Any questions feel free to ask in comments!


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